Safenet is a UK Notified Body for the Machinery Directive and the EMC Directive and we operate in UK, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, India and Iran.

We offer consultancy services, including machine safety, project management, time-critical analysis and specialist engineering advice.

We are active participants in numerous national, European and international committees for the drafting of Standards that support the Machinery Directive and the EMC Directive.

Technical Director – Peter McNicol
Our Consultancy is headed up by Peter McNicol. Peter has twenty years of experience in the industry having trained as a mathematician and a software engineer. Peter is a member of Institute of Engineering Technology, the British Computer Society and is a Chartered IT practitioner.

E-mail: mcnicol.p@safenet.co.uk

Peter is an active participant of the following committees:


• MC3 – Machinery Safety
• MC3/3 – Packaging Machinery
• MCE3/2 – Plastic molding machines
• MTE1 – Machine Tools
• MTE1/1 – Safety of Machine Tools
• MHE7 – Industrial Trucks


• ECANB – EMC Notified Body Group
• MNB – Machinery Notified Body Group


• IEC/TC44/MT61496-1/2 – Electro-sensitive Protective Equipment
and Active Opto-electronic Devices
• IEC/TC44/MT61496-4 – Safety Vision Systems
• IEC/TC44/MT62046 – The Application of Safety Devices
• IEC/TC44/WG14 – Safety Related Sensors used for Protection of Persons
• IEC/TC44/WG12 – Human Machine Interacations
• ISO/TC199/WG6 – Safety gaps and distances

• ISO/TC199/WG9 – Pressure-Sensitive Protective Devices